Cloud Solutions

Invoice Cloud provides electronic invoice presentment and payment processing by providing a secure, PCI compliant, web based infrastructure that is branded to reflect the biller and provide a seamless payment experience for customers. Open source web services are the foundation for the utilities used for import, export and invoicing.

Products and Services

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

Secure Electronic Payments - The Invoice Cloud service is designed to process utility, municipal and monthly payments and is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant. Customers do not enter payment information on Biller’s systems so billers do not need to store payment card or bank account data which alleviates their burden of Visa/MasterCard compliance. The service includes integrated merchant services for all major credit cards and e-checks.

Online Bill Presentment - Invoice Cloud was designed to present bills online and replace paper billing. The easy-to-use, intuitive design promotes going paperless at every level. The Biller Portal offers extensive data management.

IC OnlineBankDirect™ - eliminate paper checks issued by online banking sites. Electronic deposit reduces the manual process of comparing names and payment amounts to outstanding invoices, saving staff time and effort.

IC CardPay™ - accept credit cards at the front desk with integrated card swipe devices. Stops miss-keyed payment information, handles convenience fees for tax payments, is PCI Compliant and plugs into USB port.

IC Cloud Store™ - accept payments for non-invoiced services like birth certificates, licenses, building permits, or activity programs.

IC Cloud Pay™ - accept payments at checkout for various services that customers select from off the shelf billing software products. For example, school lunch programs, parks and recreation, and parking ticket software.

IC Check21™ - convert paper checks and deposits into electronic payments providing the same real-time data and reporting as online payments. Accelerates collections and returns (1-2 days) and is bank independent.

Cloud Support

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Portal Solutions

Biller Portal
Invoice customization and creation template (select from many examples)
Attach advertising to invoices if desired
Retain invoices for 18 months
Query reporting available for invoices issued, paid, when paid, how paid, etc.
Completely secure and compliant systems relieve billers of any need to store sensitive customer payment information
Export invoice file for electronic mail
Opt-in and Opt-out adoption programs to drive paper suppression
Import non-delivery information (to alert for paper invoice preparation)
Import invoice payment results (to update receivable list at Billing Entity)
Import ACH reject and credit card decline information
Import chargeback information (identify disputed invoices)
Export new customer information
Export customer change information (to update receivable list at Invoice Cloud)
Export payment received results (to update receivable list at Invoice Cloud)
Customer Portal
Registration and preferences (email invoice, email receipt after payment, go paperless, save a copy of invoice)
Login, password administration and reset
Update customer information
Create payment methods
Create alternate, or multiple, payment method
View current balance and pay now
Email billing entity any questions or disputes on invoice
Cancel scheduled or pending payment transaction
Create and/or change recurring payments (amount, method, schedule, duration)
View invoice and payment history