Customer Benefits

Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) provides the following benefits to your customers:
Saves money and time of dealing with paper bills along with the need to store paper invoices
Convenient payment options including credit/debit cards, echecks, scheduled payments and automatic payments (Auto-Pay)
Less time required to pay on-line, particularly due to the Invoice Cloud system remembering who the payer is, and eliminating the need to re-enter payment information for second and future payments
On-line, self help customer service enhances customer satisfaction. Invoice and payment history is automatically organized, filed, available 24/7 through a simple, user interface, enabling the payer to search prior invoices and research payment without the need to call the billing entity
Emailed receipts provide electronic payment history without the paper
A sense that the customer is assisting the biller in “going green.”

Biller Benefits

Electronic invoice presentment and payment provides the following benefits to the biller:

Reduction in costs associated with the production, handling and mailing of paper invoices
Dramatically improved customer service due to 24/7 customer self service for invoice and payment histories
Payment acceptance programs with convenience fee options for both credit /debit card and electronic check payments
Access to a built in customer invoicing and payment repository that is used by the Biller’s customer service representatives (CSR’s)
Enhanced cash flow from quicker payments made electronically and aided by the automated collections manager, which allows the biller to send automated reminders of payment due, payment overdue, etc.
According to a 2006 Tower Group report, 85% to 95% of e-mailed invoices are opened within one day of receipt, with 20% paying on the same day received
Reduction in payment processing costs associated with check and lock box processing
Reduction in labor costs associated with invoice packaging, mailing, handling of paper, dispute resolution and collections
Reduction in Accounts Receivable and collections personnel due to the fact that billing entity customers can now research and/or dispute their bills, and billing history, on-line 24/7 without making calls to the A/R department.
Improved customer satisfaction as customers save time and money by paying electronically, no checks, filling out remittance forms, no envelope addressing, no postage
Establishes a tighter, more convenient, two way on-line relationship with customers.
Provides an environmentally friendly, cost saving initiative that presents biller in positive light by “going green”.
Security with the knowledge that sensitive personal information is transmitted, stored and maintained using best practice PCI compliant systems
Electronic invoices provide great opportunities to advertise other promotions, products and/or services that biller offers

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